About Me

Born in Louisville Kentucky on March 14, 1963
norton infirmary

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Raised in Irving, Texas

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Attended Irving High School and went to college at Texas Tech University

Tiger Eyes
Graduated with BBA in Finance

texas tech
Went to UTD to earn a master degree in Marketing but stopped early in the program to get back to work
university of texas at dallas
My parents, brother, sister, step sisters and half brother live in Texas
13 years experience in professional sales..selling investments, software,etc.
10 years of experience in Internet Marketing working in:

  • Paid search
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating WordPress websites
  • Local SEO
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Google Analytics

Each area of Internet marketing is interesting and exciting. I have enjoyed working in each area and find that they complement each other.  Paid search data helps to drive SEO strategy.

Part of the excitement is continually improving the website, the search strategy, the conversion process. All pieces can be improved as new information is obtained.

This process is known as Kaizen and has shaped my philosophy of life.  Additionally, Google and Bing are continually tweaking things in order to provide more relevant results.  As they tweak the algorithm, I enjoy testing which strategies work.

Also I live in Sanford Florida with two smart and awesome daughters and lovely wife and our ferocious dog Daisy Mae Mae.

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